Conference 2018 Application


Please scroll down to read the description, there are instructions how to fill the application form.

Use please the format. If you have doubts, use a datepicker, please and make manual edits, if needed.
Please select whether you will attend the whole Conference or one week only and how do you want to be accomodated.
Anything we should know
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How to fill the application form:

  • Please fill the form for every person who will be attending the Conference.
  • Fill all the required fields (most of them)
  • Please do not use any non-english characters.
  • If you are travelling as a Married couple or a family with childred, you can mark that in the form. This will help us with the arranging of the accomodation. For second and every next person, please select what is the relationship to the first one.
  • To confirm the application of the person, click Add to basket. After adding you will not be able to edit the persons details.
  • After you add all of the persons, go to the Basket, where you can review the application
  • If you recieved any discount code, use that on the Basket page in the field Coupon code. Confirm that by clicking on the Apply Coupon button. You will be informed whether the code is accepted or not.
  • On the Checkout, please fill the requred info and proceed to a PayPal payment.
  • In case you do not have a PayPal account, you can also pay with your payment card.
  • As the payment is end-to-end processed by PayPal, we do not see any of your sensitive data. The payment is secure.