The Philadelphia Trust

The Philadelphia Trust was established in 1991 with a clear goal to serve believers in Central and Eastern Europe. We are committed to serve in partnership with local churches, organisations, and their leadership.

This service involves assisting with Bible teaching and training, assisting with evangelistic activities, and supporting the work of God financially. All trustees are expected to be involved in activities in furtherance of our key aim, “to serve in the love of God in Central and Eastern Europe.” No trustee receives any remuneration for the activities that they undertake on behalf of the Trust.

We recognise that our resources of people and finance are limited. We know our Lord, “Owns the cattle on a thousand hills” and have confidence He will grant to us what we are to distribute or use in His service. We are not a funding body and do not accept any requests for funding. We do distribute grants and funds given to us for needs we or key partners identify.

Our evangelistic activities focus on our use of our English Language skills as mother tongue speakers and on the use of the professional expertise that we as individuals have. We always seek to use these skills in fellowship with local Christians. We are always encouraged when local Christians follow up the activities that we engage in. We use of the internet to run educational and medical seminars with a clear evangelistic emphasis. Our evangelistic activities are among all age groups.

Our Bible teaching and training activities are a key part of our ministry. The Trust runs an International Bible teaching Conference annually and also partners with GLO (Europe) in organising a consultation among church leaders from Central and Eastern Europe. We also assist with Bible teaching in Bible Schools in a number of places, in Conferences, and local churches. We also are involved in formal and informal mentoring of elders, pastors, and evangelists.