Bible Teaching

The Philadelphia Trust and Gospel Literature Outreach are involved in a teaching partnership. The purpose of the partnership is twofold.

  • To provide bible teachers to help in bible schools and in any other context where we are invited to help.
  • To ensure that the ministry develops both in terms of providing a variety of teachers and that a plan for succession is in place.

Elders and Leaders’ Conference in Romania

The Conference takes place annually during the winter. It is a 4 day event with a focus on bible teaching, discussion and fellowship. Its purpose is to support the Hungarian Assemblies in Transylvania although there are opportunities for those from other Hungarian speaking areas to attend. The aim is to focus on what the bible teaches about issues that are significant for today. For 9 years Roger Brind has lead the teaching programme and in the last three years Ernö Nagy from Hungary has been involved as well.


Bible Schools

The partnership is involved in assisting Bible schools in Ukraine, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland. We have teachers who have a wide range of specialist areas of Bible knowledge and learning who are helping when requested by local church leaders.


Bible teaching in conferences and in local fellowships

The partnership and other coworkers are involved in teaching in all the places we visit. We are believe it is a privilege to share what God has given us whether the groups are small or large or at specially arranged conferences. We also are involved in taking part in specialist programmes at the request of local church leaders.