Who We Are

Roger and Susan Brind

Roger and Susan Brind have served in Central and Eastern Europe since 1969. They are currently involved in the organisation and running of the Annual International Bible Teaching Conference. Roger is also involved in bible teaching in bible schools in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Transylvania, Poland and Ukraine and organising outreach teams in association with GLO in Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Paul and Sally Thomas

Paul and Sally have been members of the Philadelphia Trust since it was formed in 1993. They are currently involved in the running and management of the Annual International Bible Conference. They have a great love for all the people that attend and a particular love for the Ukrainians whom they have visited and have contact with throughout the year.

Mark and Rachel Bartlett

Mark and Rachel Bartlett began their involvement with the Trust in 1990, when Mark volunteered to drive in the 2nd Aid convoy to Romania. The International Conference work now forms the main part of their involvement, attending as a family with their three children – Emily, Isobel & Joseph. Rachel helps organise elements of any children’s activities when they are required.

Abe and Anitha Samuel

Abe is Director of Medical Education and a Consultant in Respiratory Disorders in the Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals. He has worked with us in the past in our International Camps and Conferences and both he and Anita have committed themselves to involvement in the ministry of the Trust. They will be working with us particularly in the Christian Conferences we organise and in providing a Christian input into medical training in Ukraine working alongside Orest Kulenych in the Ternopol Region.

Emily and Joel Davies

Emily has been involved in our International Camp and Conference ministry since childhood. First as a participant but over the past few years has helped with the organisation. Joel is a recent participant in the ministry but has already proved himself very capable and committed.

Bryan and Joanna Jenkins

Bryan and Joanna have served as missionaries in Zimbabwe and Botswana in the recent past and have now relocated to the UK and have a desire to help with the ministry of the Trust. Initially they will be helping in the language teaching programmes and Bryan has a desire to be involved in the Bible Teaching ministry as well.

Derek and Margaret Ford

Derek and Margaret Ford have been involved in the Lord’s work in Central and Eastern Europe since 1990. In that year, Derek along with two others took aid to Romania. In subsequent years more trips were undertaken with others. In 1991 they were asked to go to East Germany to help run a bible study camp. They went and since then have become an integral part of camp work of
the Trust.

They make regular visits to Poland to support the church in Palowice. They are involved in annual English language outreach camps with a teams from the USA. Derek does much of the detailed planning and organises the teaching program. In the winter and summer Polish school holidays they visit to help with the children’s clubs.