Hungary Visit May 2017

Report by Roger Brind

I was in Hungary from 24 th -28 th May. There were two key purposes. A visit to the school in Pilismarót where the Bible Centre has good contacts and to take part in the 25 th Anniversary Meetings of the Bible Centre.


The visit to the school was very successful in that we established a school link with Hawthorn Primary School in Cardiff and that has opened up opportunities for both the Bible Centre in Dömös and for us in Llandaff North. Continue reading “Hungary Visit May 2017”

International Bible Conference 2016

The 26th annual International Bible Conference in Domos. The programme of bible study, discussions, seminars and fellowship took place in August. The value of the conference is summed up by these comments of those who came.

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Outreach in Sazava

The Outreach in Sazava is for all ages.

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Hungarian Outreach

English Outreach, Domos, Hungary in June.

A week’s programme teaching English and witnessing of our faith through games, songs, bible stories, drama and excursions. The programme was for children and youth. We began the programme in the local school where Roger spoke at the leavers’ final day programme.


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