Using Professional Expertise as an Outreach Tool

In the first century we read of the apostle Paul making tents. We have often added our reason for this – it was to pay his expenses! It is true that on three occasions Paul spoke of not being chargeable to the believers in both Corinth and Thessaloniki but on other occasions following his profession enabled him to reach others for Christ.

Dr Abe Samuel, Roger Brind and Professor Tamás Madarász from Hungary.
Together in the Ternipol Region of Ukraine sharing in the university and education centre.

In recent years this has been a growing aspect of our work. Abe Samuel is using his medical knowledge as a witness in Ternopol, Ukraine, Roger Brind his educational knowledge in Terebovlya, Lutsk, Kyiv and Zaozerne in Ukraine and Dömös, Hungary and Mark and Rachel Bartlett and Roger their language skills in Czechia.

Some remarkable doors have opened as a result. In Czechia for example we saw the relationships we have made with local teachers developed this year and we had some great conversations. Our main topic was based on the life and writings of C S Lewis and that presented opportunities for discussions about faith and philosophy.

Advanced Group in Sázava, Czechia led
By Roger Brind

With the youth, the 17-year-old who came to Christ last year is a very bright witness and brought her mother and friends to the meetings. The whole group is very positive about the programmes we arranged, and we praise God for these developing contacts. Some have asked can they join us for the International Conference in Hungary next year.

Parents and grandparents were very happy with the programme the children’s programme devised by Mark and Rachel and a number contacted family and friends and suggested they should bring their children too and so numbers grew.

Children’s Group in Sázava, Czechia led
by Mark and Rachel Bartlett

About 150 people attended during the week and are very positive about the programmes and are keen we should develop them further.

School links are a further opportunity for us to demonstrate the work of Christ in our lives. Professional links have been established between schools in Hungary, Ukraine and Wales.


Outreach in Sazava

The Outreach in Sazava is for all ages.

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