Thanksgiving for the Life of Sally Thomas

Sally was involved with the ministry of the Philadelphia Trust from the beginning of our team service together in Central and Eastern Europe. Initially she supported her husband Paul as he played a major role sourcing food for our aid conveys to Romania and Poland in the early 1990s. As the ministry of the Trust developed and the International Camps became a key feature, Paul and Sally got more and more involved and Sally’s contribution to the planning and organisation was invaluable. She was committed to various elements of that work, resourcing many of the craft activities for the children and supporting Paul in his leadership of the provision for children. She worked with Susan and Rachel in all aspects of the management of the accommodation and hospitality for the participants.

She travelled with Paul on visits that he made to Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, and what is now Czechia. Her particular love was for Ukraine, and she befriended many of the participants in the camps and people in the churches she met there. The many tributes that came from Ukraine when she was called home bore testimony to the esteem in which she was held. The words of “Sister Maria” from Lutsk summed up Sally, “She was committed to serving God, had a deep interest in individuals and was admired because of her support for Paul in his ministry for the Lord.”

We praise God for every memory that we as a Trust have of Sally’s commitment to serve the Lord. Her care and concern for the individual has left a spiritual legacy.

IC2021 Mini

23/01/2021 at 13:00GMT on Zoom
The programme will include worship, children’s storygreetings from past conference friends (from Austria, Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, UK, Ukraine, USA) and Bible teaching by Roger Brind & Richard Harknett.

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Passcode: 046669

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Bible Teaching Programmes

The Philadelphia Trust is involved in several Bible teaching and leadership training programmes. Some involve the Philadelphia Trust/GLO partnership while others have grown out of our core ministry developed over the 50 years of service of Roger and Susan Brind and the 20 years of service of Mark and Rachel Bartlett and Paul and Sally Thomas.

The International Conference (Camp)has been an annual feature since founded by Dieter Weidensdörfer, from Germany in 1991. It grew out of programmes that he and Roger had been involved in among youth and family groups during the communist era in Oranienburg, Brandenburg and Kirchberg, all in the former East Germany, (DDR).

Youth Conference in Oranienburg during Communism led by Dieter Weidensdörfer and Roger Brind

In August this year 50 believers from 15 Countries came together for 2 weeks of bible study. Roger led the first week with studies in the early life of Abram and considered the challenges of this on our lives today. Mark Davies from GLO led week 2 and we considered lessons from the middle section of the Gospel of Luke.

International Conference, in Dömös, Hungary (Week 1)

During the communist period visits were made to support individual assemblies in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, DDR and Poland as well as the bible school in Jastzrebie in Poland. These visits were not without danger for both the travellers and their hosts. This itinerant ministry is still supported by Roger, Mark (Bartlett) and Paul. This year bible teaching visits have been made in Miskolc, Dömös and Budapest in Hungary, Kolosvár and Makfalva in Romania, Lutsk, Kyiv and Terebovlya in Ukraine.

The ministry in Bible Schools and other conferences has grown and most of this ministry is done in conjunction with GLO. In the last 12 months we have served in bible schools in Zaozerne, Ukraine, Český Těšín, Czechia, and Dömös, Hungary. In addition, Roger has continued serving in the annual elders and leaders retreat in Drăganului Valea, Romania.

Leaders’ Conference in Drăganului Valea, Romania.