Warm the Soldier

The Charity “Warm the Soldier” was set up soon after the outbreak of postilities between Ukraine and the Separatist movement supported by Russia. Initially it was to support the Ukrainian soldiers who needed suitable clothing and equipment for a conflict during an Eastern European winter. Their ministry was much appreciated and linked with the work of evangelical chaplains has provided for the holistic needs of those engaged in the conflict. As time passed those involved in supporting the soldiers were touched by the need of the innocent civilian population and so widened the charities remit to bring aid to civilians. Those who have donated to the Philadelphia Trust have asked us to support the aid to civilian’s work of “Warm the Soldier.”

Here is the last report we have of a gift of £3000 passed to them.

We focused our efforts on helping people from towns of Krasnohorivka and Maryinka that are placed straight at the line of contact. The east part of the towns is basically located in front of Donetsk that is currently occupied by the hybrid Russian-separatist troops. Because of such proximity to the front line the towns regularly suffer from shelling, thus buildings are damaged or destroyed, or local citizens die.

Due to regular shelling the roofs are constantly damaged, especially those of private houses. Therefore UAH 15,000 were spent on the purchase of roofing sheets that the local civil-military administration helped to install on the roofs of the damaged houses. It was especially important during the winter season.

Another direction of our help was a local kindergarten. It is symbolic that the study there is done in Ukrainian, though the town itself is mostly Russian-speaking. Education provision is sustained despite the “live fire” situation around the schools. By the request of the head we have purchased
electric kettles and quartz lamps for UAH 8,277, and easels for UAH 4,380. We hope all these things will help children during their stay in the kindergarten.

Special attention was paid to helping the local hospital that greatly suffered from shelling during the years of war. As the centralized heating system is basically absent, thus endangering the life of patients and personnel even more, UAH 11,340 were spent on heaters for the hospital rooms. UAH 11,396 were spent for purchasing some very expensive medicines that the hospital cannot provide but that patients really need. And UAH 17,535 were used to purchase special sterilization boxes and electric sterilizer for the surgical room the operation theatre could not function without it.

We have provided a special aid to the social centre in the town of Maryinka. It is aimed to support local children, organize various events for them. UAH 25,000 was used to purchase 30 chairs; heating apparatus; wood and coal for heating; popcorn machine.

There are two categories of people who especially need help during the war – the elderly and little children. We have learned about their needs from local volunteers. Many aged people cannot leave and go to the safe area because they are bedridden. For such people incontinence pads for adults were purchased by us. Similar help is needed by families with little children, especially when mother is the only parent. So we have bought children’s nappies as well. Altogether UAH 11,345 were spent.

There are still many people in these towns who cannot afford enough food. Even finding a job there is really very difficult. Therefore 10 food grocery sets were purchased (for the total of UAH 1,627) consisting of the basic food products, such as sugar, oil, cereals etc.