Agape Ukraine Part 2

In the appartment of Lidiya Shyshko, who takes care of her 25-year-old niece with disabilities Ilona. The girl’s Mother – Lydia’s sister was alcohol-addicted. When she died, Lidiya left a good job in Italy, said good bye to the man she was to marry and came back to Lutsk, Ukraine, to be able to take care of Ilona. Now the girl is in her twenties.  Lydia repented several years ago, was baptized and is a member of Fimiam church now. They often visit our Family Retreats and other church events.

Maryna Yaremiy with her son Max. This very cute and sweet boy has CP and problems with hearing. The doctors say he cannot hear at all. However, sometimes he reacts to the sounds, the people make, when he sits with his back to them. So, it would be great if a family could find some really professional doctor and check with a help of high quality medical equipment, if he can hear at least a little bit. Why I say it, because I wish he could have some assistive hearing device that would help him hear his Mom and try to talk at least a little bit. There is also the older girl in their family, so both Mom and Dad work hard to earn their living.

Daryna Martyniuk is a very touchy girl. Despite of her hyperactivity disorder and episyndrome (symptomatic epilepsy), she just loves to take care of other people and help them.

Arthur Povidzion is a boy of 8 years old. He has congenital brain defect, spastic tetraparesis and problems with his eyes. Together with his Mom he visited our Family Retreats and Crafts studio for kids with disabilities a couple of times.

Kryvych Uliana (in the middle) – a girl has got a congenital brain defect that provoked a number of other diagnosis. She has also got a younger sister. They were interested in looking through the books we brought together with the grocery package. They also visit our Crafts studio.

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