Agape Ukraine Part 3

The Snitko’s family. The elder girl named Khrystyna has got mild mental retardation and problems with the language development. She is very touchy, loves to hug and to be hugged. Last year they visited our Family Retreat for the first time. The mother is very open to the WORD of GOD.

Pavlo Pertak started visiting Crafts studio many years ago. Now he is a young man interested in many things. He has got CP that influenced him mostly physically (he’s in the wheelchair). He has got a Mom and a sister. The family is very nice, but unfortunately they live in really poor conditions.

The lady on the picture named Nina has got an adult biological daughter. However, a couple of years ago she adopted this boy with CP. His name is Korenga Dmytro. We are looking forward to seeing this family in our Family Retreats and Crafts Studio meetings in the nearest future.

Myroslava Romanchuk had a tumor in her spinal cord. After one of the surgeries she came to Agape Ukraine for rehabilitation, visited our Retreat for Adults with Disabilities and is willing to do something for the people with serious health problems in the future. 

Kolia Prokopchuk broke his neck many years ago when he dove in the shallow lake. He’s got tetraplegia. Kolia repented while visiting church services and Retreats for people with disabilities and was baptized. He stays most of the time at Agape and helps with the media ministry. Because of Covid-19 restrictions he had to stay at home (4 room apartment on the 9th floor with 4 families living in it). When some additional problems with his health appeared, he was taken to the hospital. The caregivers from Agape were helping him all the time in the hospital.  (The photo is taken in the hospital).

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