Christian Medical Mobile Team

Our contact with team came as a result of meeting with Kate Bliashyk in Lutsk. She is  a medical student who has worked with the mobile clinic close to the frontline on a number of occasions. They provide an holistic approach to medicine – healing for body, mind and soul.

Report on Outreach in Zoazerne, Ukraine

Report by Roger Brind

Fimiam Church in Lutsk have developed an outreach among mainly professional people who need to learn English. Each summer they organise a summer school which is attended by up to 1000 people. As a follow up they run a course during the winter for two semesters of 10 weeks one evening each week and for the last two winters have run a “Retreat Weekend” in Zoazerne.

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Dragan Report

The 9 th Annual Conference of the leaders and future leaders is taking place in the Dragan Valley Romania. It started on 31 st January and finishes tomorrow 3 rd February. Believers from the Hungarian speaking areas and communities have come together for 4 days of intensive study looking at the subject of prayer. Roger Brind and Ernoe Nagy (from Hungary) are teaching for 4hours each day and then the conferee divide up into groups and study the topic in increased depth.

General Overview of Ministry in Ukraine

Introduction – For full article go to What We Do in Ukraine.

UK assembly workers’ involvement in service for the Lord in what is now West Ukraine has a long history. In the pre-war days, when it was the Ukrainian Area of East Poland or Greater Hungary, the Hines, MacGregors, Griffiths and Schneidrooks worked there. During our recent visits, we have met
with several older believers who remember those workers and hold them in high esteem. They also speak very highly of Fred and Ruth Kelling (GLO) who visited Transcarpathia, particularly Khust in the last years of communism and were a great source of support. In recent times Paul and Sally Thomas visited the area until Sally’s illness made it impossible. More recently I responded to the call from believers in the Volyn, Ternopol and Cherkassy Regions to lead discipleship and teaching programmes and Mark Davies (GLO) and others have agreed to partner in this work. We are doing this under the guidance and leadership of church leaders in the areas we work.


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Annual International Conference

Report by Emily Davies

This year’s International Conference was held at the Bible Centre in Dömös,  Hungary once again. Around 50 attended the first week and about 60 attended the second week, with people coming from Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Germany, Austria, USA and UK. The two weeks were such a great time of learning and growing together.

The first week’s lectures were given by Mark Davies on the lessons from the early chapters of Luke and the second week’s lectures were on lessons from Genesis 1-11, taught by Roger Brind. After each morning lecture, there was a time for discussion groups, giving chance to dig a bit deeper into the points raised in the lecture and share relevant experiences from our lives and different countries. After coffee time, there was a choice of seminars on various subjects from the Trinity, to faith in times of crisis, to loving God with all your mind. This was also a great opportunity to share our own experiences and learn from one another. Continue reading “Annual International Conference”

Hungary Visit May 2017

Report by Roger Brind

I was in Hungary from 24 th -28 th May. There were two key purposes. A visit to the school in Pilismarót where the Bible Centre has good contacts and to take part in the 25 th Anniversary Meetings of the Bible Centre.


The visit to the school was very successful in that we established a school link with Hawthorn Primary School in Cardiff and that has opened up opportunities for both the Bible Centre in Dömös and for us in Llandaff North. Continue reading “Hungary Visit May 2017”

International Bible Conference 2016

The 26th annual International Bible Conference in Domos. The programme of bible study, discussions, seminars and fellowship took place in August. The value of the conference is summed up by these comments of those who came.

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Outreach in Sazava

The Outreach in Sazava is for all ages.

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Hungarian Outreach

English Outreach, Domos, Hungary in June.

A week’s programme teaching English and witnessing of our faith through games, songs, bible stories, drama and excursions. The programme was for children and youth. We began the programme in the local school where Roger spoke at the leavers’ final day programme.


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